8 factors Why You will have to be conscious of the fake and actual individuals

8 factors Why You will have to be conscious of the fake and actual individuals
8 factors Why You will have to be conscious of the fake and actual individuals

All of us want to be surrounded by people with good hearts, loyal and who can be our support through thick and thin.But at times we take a rush in deciding whether we can trust them or not.

You have to be very cautious before letting anyone in your inner circle.It is very difficult to make good terms but it takes a second to get hurt. But it can be tricky to figure out who is being real and fake with you.

With that said, here are some helpful hints that could help you separate a fake person from a genuine one.

Respectful vs. Condescending:

Someone who has a genuine personality will always be down to earth to respect anyone, not just you or the one who is close to them. as people with the genuine and clean heart don’t divide people on the basis of respect , That would be hypocrisy. Someone who has a fake personality will only respect those who are in power because they always want to gain something out of any situation, there will be always something of their self-interest in respecting you.



Seek No Recognition vs. Needing Recognition:

When it comes to making someone happy, a genuine people will do everything to make someone happy. Sometimes they don’t show what they are doing for others. Fake people are the total opposite. They will help you and after that, they will keep bragging about it over and over again.


Hidden vs. Spotlight:

People with genuine mind and heart don’t mind spending their time alone, at times they enjoy being in their comfort zone. In short, they don’t show off.On the other side the fake one will go nuts to get attention because they believe that the world revolves around them.


Humble vs. Conceited:

People with real personality will be courteous and will always compliment you for your achievement but will not exaggerate it like fake people do.That is why genuine people are humbled by their achievements and prefer not talking about them. Because fake people always want to be the attention center and instead of being decent about their achievement, they will be loud about it.



In Front of You Vs. Behind You: 

If someone is a genuine individual and if they have anything to say about you whether bad or good, they will say it on your face not at your back like fake people. Because real people have no hidden intentions. They hope that the conversation will resolve any issue that may have surfaced. Fake people are cowards, they won’t confront and will keep a smile on their face with hatred in their hearts.



Walk vs. Talk:

Someone with a genuine personality will always keep their word and will make sure to do anything to fulfill their promise. If they do not follow through with it, they take ownership of it and do not resort to excuses. Whereas a fake person will make big talks and will do nothing in the end but lame excuses.




Imperfection vs. Perfection:

Genuine people are always looking to learn new lessons from others. They like learning new things from others as they believe that nobody is perfect and we all have something unique to share.Fake ones will find mistakes from every possible corner.They love to criticize just for the sake of criticism.


No Ulterior Motives vs. Ulterior Motives:

When someone with a genuine personality helps you, it’s because they want to. They don’t need any recognition or any praise, they want to make sure that you’re happy and safe. Fake people have that “I scratch your back you scratch mine” type of mentality. If they help you, they want something in return. If they sense that there is no reciprocation, they won’t lift a finger.

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