8 Weeks physique Transformation with a purpose to leave You Speechless

8 Weeks physique Transformation with a purpose to leave You Speechless
8 Weeks physique Transformation with a purpose to leave You Speechless

Well, the holiday season is about to start and you feel a little bit like a stuffed turkey yourself. Am I right? Today we’re going to tell you about 5 men and women who lose a lot of weight just in weeks.

They started to implement the HIIT program in their routines. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training also known as CrossFit. Many people in Australia have taken to starting these intense cardio workouts in their own cities. These workouts are very high very intensity workouts even in 45 minutes. lifting tractor tires, pulling heavy objects with ropes, and doing every manner of lunging that you can think of, including in this workout.


Alicia Walker, she entered a specific HIIT program called the F45 Eight Week Challenge and managed to lose 26 pounds. She loses this weight just in 8 weeks. Well if you are thinking how’s it possible then I’ll tell you, she follows a very strict meal plan, and while sticking to this plan, she also performs 45 minutes of high-intensity interval training each and every day. She is a winner in all those 5 men and women who entered in the program.

In the HIIT program, Alicia copes to lose 11.1 kilograms. She said,”I was not happy with how I was feeling before I started the program.”

                                                                   Alicia Walker


When she saw HIIT program F45 Eight Week Challenge, she made her mind and sign up for this program. After signing up she went for grocery shopping and purchased everything she needed to make her meal.


She drinks alcohol and eating burgers on the weekends only. She was also studying and doing a full-time job. She skips exercise so she can focus on her studies. After sometimes she noticed a large gain in her weight and a feeling of lethargy. So decided to join this 8 weeks program.

                                                                     Alicia Walker

Her grocery bill was quite large but she ended up saving some money and start prepping all of her meals. Her body was in full detox mode from the lack of coffee that’s why the first week was difficult for him. She suffered headaches during workouts. But by the end of the second week, she feels great.

                                                                  Alicia Walker


Alicia felt that her energy level increases as she cut out the coffee and old diet plan from her life. This diet plan makes her skin clearer as well.

                                                                      Daniel Pike


Look here is Alicia in the middle of her two friends. These friends convinced her to sign up for the Eight Week HIIT program.


Her routine was so tiring, she woke up at 4:30 AM and start her HIIT program before heading to work at a nursing home until 2:00 PM. After then she focuses on her studies.

                                                                   Alicia Walker


The male winner of the Eight Week Body Transformation Challenge was Matt Amos. He lost 21 pounds, that is amazing!



Here is another contestant on HIIT program, Justin Anderson, lost 23 pounds and 7.6% of his body fat.



According to Alicia, proper nutrition paired with staying active is the key to feeling healthier. Maria Ross, another contestant who lost 26 pounds just in 8 weeks.


The main purpose of this program is to detox the body and reduce the craving for sugary things during first two weeks. Here is another guy, Fran Hales who lost 22 pounds and look how healthy she is now.


It is quite a strict plan but it helps you to reduce weight and you will feel fewer cravings. A proper meal or diet will eliminate any unhealthy feelings.

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