Super easy approaches to do away with Double Chin

Super easy approaches to do away with Double Chin
Super easy approaches to do away with Double Chin

Do you have to conceal your face because of the double chin? When taking a picture it is must to have a chin up face, Instead of hiding your self, Be Hitting the gym or jogging or swimming exercises for weight loss doesn’t work for trimming this special part of the body.
Specifically, chin is a small area of your face which we tend to ignore. Those unnecessary muscles are scientifically termed as platysma muscle.

Let’s take a look at the causes of a double chin.

Causes of Double Chin

One of the major cause of having a double chin is obesity or overweight.

Couch potato: We are used to of the routine where we lay lazy on the bed and watch TV all day without any physical activities can lead to having a double chin.

A person suffering from hyperthyroid has high chances to show up excessive fat over that area.

Some families have double chin by hereditary from either their parents or grandparents.

Instead of going for a cosmetic surgery to eliminate double chin from your body, perform exercises that can be practiced at home. This method is not only easy and simple, but also is free from any side-effects.

Let us go through the 4 optimal ways which can melt your unwanted layer of those fatty tissues.

Kiss your ceiling

For this exercise you don’t have to put much energy like you do in yoga and exercise, this exercise can be practiced anywhere anytime. While keeping your spine erect, lift your head up and stare at the ceiling. Slightly stretch your lower jaw in the front direction and pucker up the lips as if you’re pouting.

Imagine in your head that you are kissing a taller person who is standing in front of you. Before releasing this position, hold it for 6-8 seconds and repeat it for at least five times.

Let your tongue aid you in shaping chin

The weakness of hyoid muscles is correlated with the double chin. Strengthening that muscles will help you in toning of the chin.

Practicing this exercise of sticking tongue in the upward direction can help you strengthen your muscle.You simply need to pull out tongue and stretch it towards your nose in such a way that your lips get relaxed. For getting better results, repeat it five times and that also twice in a day.


This exercise will also help in relaxing the tension that is created between the muscles of head and neck.

Gently rotate your neck clockwise and anticlockwise, while keeping your spine erect. In this way all the muscles would get stretched, working on the extra added chin muscles. In order to get accurate results, repeat it for 7-10 times, daily thrice. Continue this facial workout for 4-5 weeks, and you will get astounding results.

Chew Gum

As dumbbells are used for building strong muscles, in the same way, chewing gum can tone facial muscles, resulting in the perfect jawline. Along with reducing double chin, it helps you to maintain healthy gums and teeth.


There are plenty of companies, which offers several diet plans at cheap rates through different promotional offers such as Nutrisystem coupon codes. You can try those diet plans without burning a hole in your pocket.

Try the above mention technique to make your chin look sexier than ever!

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