Things Men Want From Women And How They Can Probably Give It

Things Men Want From Women And How They Can Probably Give It
Things Men Want From Women And How They Can Probably Give It

All men react differently in various situations, but we should not forget that there are certain things like alcohol and women, that can make even the dead people rise from their graves and dance (Yeah, just like MJ’s Thriller). Subtle things which women do, catch men’s attention, and then they start to feel the need of knowing them on a deeper level.

So if you want to win the right man, you first need to understand that what makes men feel more than just being a casual date. For now, forget everything, as I take you inside a man’s mind to share what triggers them, and what can be done to arouse the sense of belonging in their heart, for you.

FYI: We’re talking about real men, the ones who are grounded on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Have a look!

#01 Last, but not the least. The biggest turn on for men.

No, it’s neither an oral blowjob or downward doggy style; but the sense of accomplishment which they get from you. Men love action, and they seek appreciation everywhere. Let them know you’re enjoying them; they’re giving you pleasure, grab them and demand directly.

#02 Hold his hand, genuinely.

Most of the women tend to think that men do not like handholding, cuddling, and other forms of closeness; but that’s not true. It is an overwhelming feeling.

#03 It’s your time to ask what you want.

When it comes to reading someone’s mind, men will fail every time. So instead of letting them do what they want and lying on the bed like a dead body, tell them what could give both of you some pleasure. Speaking during intimacy is an art.

#04 Look for more foreplay, guys love that.

Extended foreplay gives men some time to think about you, fantasize you and plan things they want to do with you next. It boosts their confidence, and they start to take the lead. Also, initiate and ask him to try some new positions.

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